A Week Of Emotions From An Albion Fan

Thursday 22/08/2013 WE ARE DOOMED! Sky report that Anelka ‘walks out’ of training and wants to retire, only a few weeks after signing for the club. Thousands of Albion fans sit at home crying into their receipts  showing expenditure on a new Albion shirt with ‘Anelka 39′ printed on the back.  The first game was […]

Talking to myself: Twitter tips

Yes it’s time for myself to show an interview conducted by my favourite interviewer (me), where I interview one of my favourite people (me). If people are confused by this concept, I have done this before so just bear with me. Whilst scouring bookshops to pass time, I’ve noticed that one type of guide that […]

Talking to myself- Jobs

Before I start I just want to point out I am interviewing myself. An odd concept I know, but I wanted to try it. If you haven’t started reading it it is not too late to back out. If you have, please stick with it. It becomes less confusing (I hope!) as it goes on. […]

What ‘The Universe Versus Alex Woods’ did for me

Just to make one thing clear. This is not a book review. Not in the sense of intended book reviews which analyse characters, contents, meanings and themes anyway. It is instead a post about what this books means to me on a more personal level, and how it has led a change in attitude.  As […]