All About Me

  • I am from the Oldbury which is the Black Country and not Birmingham
  • I am about to start my third year at University of Leicester where I study History, and pay university fees for more time off than I spend there
  • I like football. A lot. And I like talking about football. A lot.
  • I am a West Brom season ticket holder
  • I have been described as pessimistic and cynical but I can be optimistic when the time is right
  • I blame West Bromwich Albion for my often pessimistic outlook on life
  • I love dogs. A lot. I have a dog. I talk to my dog as if he is human. He is yet to fully respond
  • I spend a lot of my life nowadays on Twitter
  • I spell check tweets before I post them
  • I am an only child
  • I put obstacles- often irrationally- in the way of a lot of things. Metaphorically of course
  • I am pedantic
  • I use Instagram with but have very little or to very few places worth photographing
  • I watch T.V quite a bit
  • I have watched and read the Harry Potter series. A lot.
  • The ending of Toy Story 3 has never failed to make me emotional
  • I have a phobia of Yoko Ono. I call it Onophobia.
  • I would rather stick pins in my eyes whilst watching Stoke City and listening to Justin Bieber than I would watch a TV programme with Nick Knowles on.
  • I have an unwavering admiration for Phil Neville, which is as baffling to me as it probably is to you and my Twitter followers. Although this may explain a bit.
  • I eagerly await the day Gary Neville becomes Prime Minister
  • I don’t understand why the * symbol is used when swear words are written. The voice in our head reads the word in its entirity and any offence is caused in the fact that offence is associated with the word, not the word itself being offensive. It’s just a bunch of letters after all right?
  • Although I am a girl, technically a woman but it feels odd to say, I own a PS3 and play FIFA
  • I really like The Beatles. As in really really really like The Beatles
  • I love comedy, watching stand-up comedians (although I have no problems with those that sit down…), I love sitcoms
  • If you like Only Fools and Horses a lot, we will become good friends
  • If you buy me Aero Bubbles, a Galaxy or Cherry drops we will become good friends
  • I want to visit New York and Auckland. Not necessarily in the same day…
  • Although I am graduating next year I have no idea what I want to do with my life afterwards
  • I quite like listing things with bullet points
  • I like writing
  • I like writing short sentences. Like this.
  • I am an admirer of irony
  • I like to write poems sometimes. Simple ones. And they must rhyme.
  • My blog posts tend to be whatever is on my mind and when I feel like writing. Hence why there is no real consistent theme.
  • This is a much better ‘about’ post than the one I previously had

Note: Please make no connections between my love for comedy and my love for West Bromwich Albion… 

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