A Week Of Emotions From An Albion Fan

Thursday 22/08/2013 WE ARE DOOMED! Sky report that Anelka ‘walks out’ of training and wants to retire, only a few weeks after signing for the club. Thousands of Albion fans sit at home crying into their receipts ¬†showing expenditure on a new Albion shirt with ‘Anelka 39’ printed on the back. ¬†The first game was […]

Football, but not as I know it. A word on Sir Alex

Okay, we have all heard the news by now about Sir Alex Ferguson’s decision to retire at the end of the season. If you hadn’t heard it before you read the first sentence of this post then sorry for breaking it in that simplistic way, but where have you been all day?!?! Anyway, this isn’t […]

Things they wish they hadn’t said…

We are all guilty of saying things that we shouldn’t. Things that backfire and leave us looking completely idiotic. However, few people are as daft to say such things in public to a widespread audience, where the power of the internet means that the words will forever be there to haunt them. Thankfully, for our […]

A Word on the ‘glory-hunters’

Monday night marked yet another Premier League title win for Manchester United. With the win came thousands of comments from Twitter users, the majority focusing on the ‘glory hunters’, rather than congratulating the supporters who had backed the club through thick and thin- not that there has been too much of the ‘thin’ in recent […]